About  Adenusi Patrick

My name is Adenusi Patrick-- an ex-bus driver, a motivational speaker, a safety and environment consultant. You may wonder why I have chosen to call myself some of the above names. I will explain in a few words.

Safety and environment consultant

To a lot of people, my name is synonymous to safety. They have come to know me in relation to safety on our roads and our environment in general. I consult with government, run a Non-Governmental Organization and attended several international meetings on matters relating to safety and the environment, with a view to making the world a safer place for us all, as long as we are going to be here.

Ex-bus driver

As a man on life's journey, I had found myself at some point with the opportunity to earn an honest living serving as a commercial bus driver (popularly known as Molue) in Lagos. This phase of my life I have chosen to mention to prove to people that indeed stories of grass-to-grace are real, and that it is a possibility for everyone who longs for such transition.

Motivational speaker

some point in life, we all do need a little push here or there to reach to the next level of our transition. That, my friend, is where I come in. It gives me joy to give the necessary push needed for any given person to transit to their envisioned goal, if only they are willing.